Claiming Compensation for UK Consumers affected by Fraudulent emissions software!

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Liability for Fraud has been admitted by VW in the US. Over €5 Billion of funds have been allocated. Other manufacturers confirmed to also have installed “defeat” software include: Audi, Skoda & Seat. German transport minister Alexander Dobrindt claims VW has admitted using the same cheating software on EU emissions tests (bbc article). We are awaiting solid information on whether this means they have actually cheated in the EU or whether software is installed but not “activated”.

Update: 7/10/15 : VW have announced that recalls of affected brand vehicles will not start until January 2016 and for all affected cars to have been “fixed” by the end of 2016. When pressed for details on exact methods for the fix and whether cars were actually using the cheating software VW failed to answer for legal reasons. Clearly this is an unacceptable situation for consumers left with real questions and concerns regarding their vehicles.

Update: 29/9/15 : We are receiving over 200 contacts a day from UK diesel drivers regarding potential compensation action. We are working non stop to establish all the key facts for liability and what specific claims can be made. Please be patient, we will contact everyone ASAP.

If you have a Diesel car that has had its emissions fraudulently tampered with during official testing then it may come as no surprise you might be suffering some quite serious financial loss over the next few years. If you put aside the environmental impact, which is also incredibly serious, millions of UK motoring consumers may be entitled to £thousands in compensation.

Our Lawyers are experts in consumer rights claims and are represented across the whole of the United Kingdom.

New legislation to protect consumers becomes effective on October 1st 2015 and will play a vital part in ensuring financial justice for those affected.

Potential Claims will be evaluated on the following basis:

  • Diminished Value –
    • Diesel cars are sold at a premium to Unleaded Petrol. In many cases a couple of thousand more.
    • Future residual and resale values may be drastically harmed due to unpopularity of brand or fuel type legislation and costs
  • Company Car Drivers –
    • p11d tax computations may be increased based on new re-rated emissions. Back taxes might possibly be sought by HMRC
  • Mis Sale of Goods Act & Consumer Credit Agreements –
    • If emissions have been mis stated as a result of Fraud then any subsequent Consumer Credit Agreements may be eligible to become invalidated and cancelled thus freeing the customer of any further burden.
    • Deposit claim back. There may be a claim to recover any funds you paid upfront in any Consumer Credit Agreements.
  • Lowered performance –
    • Recalls to fix emissions by remapping vehicle ECU’s may have a negative effect on both performance and MPG figures adding extra cost to running costs and impacting resale values.

VW has already set aside up to 5 Billion Euro’s to deal with the potential fall-out of this scandal worldwide.

VW Scandal Facts







We are confident this sum will rise as a result of more vehicles being caught up in this Fraud and we believe other manufacturers outside of VAG will become embroiled although that is pure speculation at this point.

This is a fast moving situation with Class Action law suits already being filed in the United States.

We aim to be at the forefront of any UK claims to provide financial recompense to UK consumers.

Submit your details today to be first in line for claiming compensation as we believe those consumers who seek compensation quickly stand a higher chance of having their claims settled before any corporate restructuring delays or other issues.