Come on VW, cough up the details please!

Breaking news over the weekend revealed that one of VW’s software suppliers Bosch warned VW not to use the so called “defeat” software in an illegal fashion as far back as 2007 and that a staff had raised this to senior directors via a internal memo in 2011.

VWClearly this was ignored but the fact of the matter here is that VW must know which vehicles across all of its ranges are cheating emissions tests in the EU. However, they are staying tight lipped about it leaving customers in the dark.

David Cameron the UK Prime Minister has said “What appears to have happened here is unacceptable,”,  “If companies are breaking the rules and fiddling the figures, that is unacceptable. Emissions standards matter and they have to be properly policed and delivered.” However, that seems a little pot Kettle in its rhetoric as the UK Govt was notified over a year ago and failed to act! Source:

Consumer Rights Lawyer Bozena Michalowska-Howells is fuming at VW’s lack of clarity and contempt it is showing its customers: “It is a disgrace that seven days after this scandal came to light … consumers in the UK and other countries in Europe and around the world are still being kept in the dark over their vehicles and still do not know definitively whether cars in the UK are affected and if so which models. They do not know whether the car they are driving is indeed emitting 40 times the legal emissions limit as has been suggested, nor do they know whether their cars will be recalled to bring them into line with EU regulations.”