Poll reveals 1/3 of people will never consider a VW Group car again!

According to a Carbuyer user survey that asked whether the Emissions Scandal had put them off VW Group cars, a whopping third of respondents said they would never consider buying a VW Group car.

VW Group Scandal

This news may come as a shock to affected customers hoping that the value of their cars will not suffer. Clearly, VW and its other brands Audi, Skoda & Seat are taking a reputation battering, and quite rightly so. However it is their customers who will be out of pocket by £thousands if consumer confidence and brand trust continues to crumble.

Loss of value is one angle we are keenly exploring for affected consumers and as yet it is unclear exactly what this figure will look like in percentage terms. Rumours are circulating that tomorrow, VW group will release long awaited details of the technical fix they plan on implementing for affected customers.

However, the details of any technical fix might have some undesirable affects on current performance and other emissions so we wait with baited breath to see exactly what they will do to correct this disaster and make customers good.

If you have an affected VW Group vehicle, log your details with us to be kept updated as and when the legal situation becomes a little clearer regarding potential claim values.

Stay tuned.