VW, Audi, Seat & Skoda in 11m vehicle recall

Update @6pm: According the the knowledgeable @Jim_Holder from WhatCar & Autocar “a VW company spokesman has confirmed that “large numbers” of UK cars will be affected.

In a statement, the firm says it will be contacting owners of the affected vehicles, with the technical measures needed to remedy the ‘cheat device’ installed on those cars due to be released in October.

News has emerged today of parent company VW’s plans to issue a fix or recall to the 11 million vehicles fitted with cheat software.


Customers of affected models according to sources will be notified this week.

The company has admitted that 11m vehicles worldwide were fitted with defeat devices and is poised to recall them all. VW has said that 5m Volkswagen-branded cars are affected as well as 2.1m Audis, 1.2m Skodas, 700,000 Seats, and 1.8m light commercial vehicles

The company faces fines of up to $18bn (£11.9bn) but also one of the biggest legal claims in history from customers and shareholders around the world as growing anger mounts as more facts of the severity of this corporate fraud emerges daily.

We are awaiting news of exactly what “fix” this recall will bring and what impact it has on both Customers and any vehicle performance.

Our lawyers are monitoring the situation closely to see what this unfolding situation will mean for millions of UK motorists who are at real risk of financial loss and of being stuck with a vehicle considerably different to the one they were sold. Stay tuned for updates.