What Can I claim for?

As this is such a fast paced consumer rights scandal there are multiple angles our lawyers are researching for consumers. The car manufacturers have not been forthcoming with details to make finding out all the facts easy.

We believe this could be one of the largest consumer actions in UK legal history.

So far VW has said 11 million cars globally have been fitted with emissions test defeat software.

To date the breakdown of affected vehicles stands at:

5m VW’s

2.1m Audi

1.2m Skoda

700k Seat

1.8m light commercial vehicles


Potential Claims are being evaluated on the following basis:

  • Diminished Value โ€“
    • Diesel cars are sold at a premium to Unleaded Petrol. In many cases a couple of thousand more.
    • Future residual and resale values may be drastically harmed due to unpopularity of brand or fuel type legislation and costs
  • Company Car Drivers โ€“
    • p11d tax computations may be increased based on new re-rated emissions. Back taxes might possibly be sought by HMRC
  • Mis Sale of Goods Act & Consumer Credit Agreements โ€“
    • If emissions have been mis stated as a result of Fraud then any subsequent Consumer Credit Agreements may be eligible to become invalidated and cancelled thus freeing the customer of any further burden.
    • Deposit claim back. There may be a claim to recover any funds you paid upfront in any Consumer Credit Agreements.
  • Lowered performance –
    • Recalls to fix emissions by remapping vehicle ECU’s may have a negative effect on both performance and MPG figures adding extra cost to running costs and impacting resale values.

These are just some of the issues being investigated for consumers.

Log your details with us today to be contacted by a consumer rights claims handler. We will need to take more details to evaluate whether you are eligible to claim for compensation.